Artist’s Statement

My work is influenced by diverse artists: Hopper, Homer, Turner, American Impressionists, mid-20th Century American Abstract Expressionists, and the Bay Area Figurative Movement. I try to use form, light and color to express some part of my inner view of my subjects, many of which are images that somehow I feel compelled to make.


I am mostly self-taught from reading, art history study, online video, observation, drawing and mark making throughout my life. I have studied intensively the work of Edward Hopper and read virtually all of the serious scholarship and commentary about Hopper with whom I had a series of formative connections very early in the 1950’s and to date.

Over the years I studied with Dick Stroud, a classically trained painter. I have taken drawing classes in private studios, at the MFA, MIT, the Provincetown Art Association and New Art Center. Since 2017 I have studied under John Murray, a poet and neo-post modern expressionist painter.

I have studied plein air painting with Mary Giammarino, Cape School of Art; watercolor and sumi-e painting with D’Wei Kwo and self study of Zen calligraphy.

Formal Education

Rutgers University B.A. English 1970

George Washington University Law School J.D. 1973